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Perhaps the most outrageous looking car you can buy new today, but after 4 years, can a subtle update be enough to keep Nissan Juke relevant? We took it for a drive to find out...

Nowadays standing out from the crowd is crucial. Look at fashion for example: skinny pants so tight they look like they’ve been painted on, even skinnier shorts. Drop crotch jeggings (Google it). Cowboy boot sandals…

Same goes for personal grooming: man-buns, twirled moustaches, shaved-comb-over-mullet combinations hairdos. Sleeve tattoos. Piercings. This is the age of standing out. Of individuality. Of customisation.

And it extends to our cars too, perhaps not to such an extent, but this current age of weird and whacky kind of explains why Nissan has managed to sell over 500 000 Juke’s worldwide since 2010 and nearly 12 000 units locally since 2011, which is mighty impressive, considering it’s outrageous styling.

It is a weird looking thing. So what’s new in 2015?

Good news if you’re a fan. Bad news if you’re a hater because the Nissan has chosen to stick with the shouty ‘look at me’ design. And let’s be honest, you can’t drive a Juke and claim that you don’t want to stand out from the crowd.

So what’s new on the Juke in 2015? For starters, I promise this is indeed the new model you see here if you’re scratching your head wondering what is actually new on it.

It might not look like it but the whole front end of the Juke is new. All the lights in the three-tier arrangement have been subtly restyled and the biggest noticeable change is the uppermost lights which now feature a bolder boomerang shape with integrated LED running lights, which are now standard across the Juke range.

The model you see here is the 1.2T Acenta + costing R277 900.00, which means you get a turbocharged 1.2-litre and two-wheel drive. There is a 1.6 turbocharged engine available as well as a 1.5 turbodiesel, with the 1.6-litre available in AWD if you like. Size wise, and apart from the new front, and restyled rear lights, which is a nod to the 370s, the new Juke is largely the same.

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