Kia Soul Video Review - Carshop Drive 3


 23 Feb, 2015

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With the new Kia Soul you get a very unique package which is sure to get you noticed, combined with practical 4-door motoring for the family. While some of the competition might have the better perceived interior quality and desirability, the Soul wins on practicality and standard spec.

At R345 995 the Soul is R10k cheaper than both a similarly specced Nissan Juke (1.6T Tekna Techno R354 900 – you can have a 1.5DCi Acenta+ for R299 000) and Countryman. The latter is harder to compare though because in its cheapest trim MINI only offers a 1.6l petrol auto (Cooper Countryman Auto R356 000). But, and it’s a big but, what the other two offer as standard equipment you’ll have to shell out in expensive options on the MINI. Spec your base Countryman to the levels of the Soul or the Juke and you’ll hit the R400k mark very quickly.

In the end the Countryman, Juke and Soul ultimately achieve the same thing: A very unique and customisable package which is sure to get you noticed, combined with practical 4-door motoring for the family. While the MINI might have the best perceived interior and certainly wins when it comes to desirability it loses everywhere else – performance, practicality and standard spec.

The new Nissan Juke is good proposition and between it and the Kia they match each other blow for blow and spec for spec. Which one is the best? Well, it comes down to personal preference and that’s entirely up to you.

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