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Used Haval For Sale

2017 Subaru XV
2.0i CVT

R 269,900
Western Cape







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“Because what other car manufacturer is so beloved by bird watchers and petrolheads alike?”

Where do we begin with this iconic Japanese brand, the mighty Fuji Heavy Industries – purveyor of sportscars and SUVs alike? And like Porsche, they’re also proliferators of boxer engines, flat 4-cylinders that make more noise than a cauldron cooking popcorn as it tumbles down a metal staircase. Their World Rally exploits are arguably second to none with the Impreza WRX STi series of saloon cars, not to mention the fiery street cars that this prowess translated into. Subaru even flirted with Toyota recently with the creation of the BRZ, a rear-wheel drive coupe with idyllic weight distribution – itself an oddity in an almost perfect range of symmetrical all-wheel drive exclusive passenger cars.

That includes the likes of the Forester, Outback and to a lesser extent, the beaky Tribeca SUVs. And we weren’t joking, the bird watchers really love the off-road iterations and so does Robert De Niro if the commercials are to be believed. As an outdoors loving South Africa, whether via a love of mountain biking, running, surfing or whatever else floats your boat – many a Subaru can be see accompanying your peers. But really, just buy the WRX STi – it is all you’ll ever need.

Likes: Burbling flat-fours that pop, crackle and bang through forests are always a crowd pleaser.

Dislikes: Not the most fuel efficient cars out there, are they?

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