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Used Haval For Sale

2008 Seat Leon

R 89,990 R 1,594  p/m (10% deposit | 12.25% interest rate | 72 months )







Seat Used Cars

"Remember that time Volkswagen introduced their Spanish counterparts to a hungry South African enthusiast base?”

Many joked that the result was so successful, that VW itself suffered in the hot-hatch afflicted South African market. That may or may not be true, but the fact of the matter is that the Seat Leon and Ibiza models were so voraciously snapped up in Mzansi at the precise time when Golfs and Polos suffered a marginal decline. Even the beloved GTI badge got snubbed for Cupra counterparts. The Spanish cars were truly great, sometimes outperforming their German siblings with better performance at a lower premium, and as such they quickly cultivated a loyal following among fans.

Indeed, in Europe the marque thrives with an extensive line-up aping that of its German sibling, from the aforementioned Ibiza and Leon to the Mii, Alhambra, Ateca, Arona and Tarraco models. That’s sedans, hatchlings and SUVs as per the current zeitgeist. Dip into the second hand car sales market today and you’ll turn up some great bargains, cars that are still supported through the existing VW network, but with some Spanish flair thrown in for free. The marque even has a decent motorsport pedigree cultivated over its lifetime, since its Spanish-state owned origins in the 1950s. That includes rallying, touring car racing and even a single seater stint in Formula 1430. Magnifico!

Likes: A brilliant brand that perhaps flew too close to the sun.

Dislikes: Well, they’re gone now – and that come with a bit of concern when owning a second hand model today.

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