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2015 Infiniti QX50
3.7 GT

R 279,900







Used Infiniti For Sale

"Nissan's very own attempt at a Lexus line-up produced some stylish saloons and SUVs but sadly, the luxury cars didn't impress in Mzansi."

But that's not to say they weren't impressive. To explore their history is to go back three decades, that’s to its inception in 1989 in North America. The modern range still doing the rounds on South African roads includes the M30 and Q50 (also known as a Nissan Skyline in Nippon) sedans, the QX80 (also known as the Nissan Patrol on steroids) full-size SUV plus and ‘lesser’ off-roaders in the FX50 and QX70. You’ll also no doubt have spotted the G37 Coupe and Convertible in the classifieds – great little sports cars with Nissan’s excellent helm and competent handling dynamics.

Personally, we’d mine the second hand sales market for a used Infiniti Q50 in the safe knowledge that there’s a hardy Nissan underneath, As for what’s next for Infiniti? The brand is set to exit limbo lane and blast along electric avenue with an EV and hybrid brand. Perfect then, in a world where alternate fuel sources have come to mean premium. Also in its future – the absolutely lust worthy Q60 coupe.

Likes: Japanese reliability and ergonomics, wrapped in futuristic Western body armour infused with forward thinking technology with the extra benefit of being uncommon? Sign us up!

Dislikes: Some of the styling was too swoopy, even for us. Ditto too American.

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