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Used Haval For Sale

2015 FAW V2
1.3 DLX 5 Door

R 44,950 R 734  p/m (10% deposit | 9.25% interest rate | 72 months )







FAW Used Cars For Sale

“Presumably as in ‘Frequently Asked What’ (the FAW?)"

The FAW Group is yet another Chinese automaker, state owned and prolific along the lines of commercial vehicles and to a much lesser degree, passenger cars. Buses, heavy-duty trucks – that’s where you’ll have seen their badge no doubt – their passenger cars have not yet made it to our shores, no doubt because they’re little more than rebranded Volkswagen Passats and Toyota Land Cruisers.

What is worth noting however in a local context is the fact that FAW builds their commercial product in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Also, this is no new Chinese upstart, FAW have been producing cars in China since 1958 – their first being known as the Hong Qi – a name they’ve resurrected as a luxury car brand. With Hongqi also being the literal Chinese translation for “red flag”. We’re not going to read too deeply into this, however.

Likes: A solid player in the commercial sector

Dislikes: Every manufacturer deserves a shot under the African sun, bring us some Hongqis!

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