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"Sporty sibling to Chrysler, and so part of the greater Fiat fold. Was good while it lasted in SA"

Ah Dodge, one would be tempted to simply list some of the most iconic nameplates in automobile history here, such as the Viper, the Challenger, Charger, Hellcat, Demon and this just covers the racy stuff. What about the Ram, a full-sized truck with a massive following? Limited to the USA – for the most part.

See, Dodge in Mzansi has been a very different animal - think of the Nitro, Caliber and Journey with the first being a fairly decent SUV in the stylings of Hummer and Jeep, the second being a hatchback-cum-crossover and the last one having one of the saddest full names in automobile history. Dodge Journey? May as well call it a Bad Trip. Having said that, all three Dodges were competent, fairly handsome and decent driving experiences. Delve deeper into the classifieds and if you're lucky you'll even find one of the exotic cars mentioned in the beginning but be wary as they are often rendered in left hand drive.

Likes: Who doesn't love the V10 powered Dodge Viper or the Mopar muscle cars of old?

Dislikes: Well the brand dissolved in South African and we're left with slim pickings in the second hand sales market.

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