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2012 Daihatsu Terios
1.5 5 Seat

R 159,990







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"Sister sibling marque to the mighty Toyota, sadly expired in South Africa."

Materia, Sirion, Copen, Charade - these are just a handful of great badges on diminutive cars that have served South African motorists so well for years. There's more of course, none as beloved as the plucky Terios, a capable little 4x4 that could punch far above its weight. Sadly, the brand could not last in this trying economy which is a great pity as they were efficient little firecrackers and arguably the best at packaging large car cabins on top of tiny footprints – challenged only by Suzuki.

Fear not however, as the classifieds are full of used Daihatsus, ever reliable and full of character – you only have to browse. In their country of origin, they were an instrumental part of Japan's Kei car movement, small capacity 3-cylinder cars that were penalised the smallest of urban taxes making them highly desirable city cars. From that initial limitation Daihatsu sprung forth the plucky range of cars we know and love today. So, while they may have left the country, it's good to know the little cars themselves remain on our streets. A legacy product? Sure, the Osaka based Daihatsu is in fact 30 years older than Toyota, so you might say that.

Likes: Cheap, cheerful motoring with the power to surprise.

Dislikes: The worst thing about Daihatsu is the hole they leave behind them in the market.

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