Used Haval For Sale

2017 Citroen DS3
1.6 Style Auto 3 Door

R 169,900 R 3,009  p/m (10% deposit | 12.25% interest rate | 72 months )







Citroen Used Cars

“One of the most innovative car makers to have ever existed. Now just synonymous with quirky.”

And unfortunately quirky things break, not often, not serious, but sometimes in unusual ways and if you're a resident of the southern tip of Africa, reparations are invariably a problem. And this is the main reason shy Citroen, beloved European brand and still winner of auto awards must struggle here in south Africa.

They're great cars, the brand having one of the most exciting portfolios dating back ten decades – that’s 100 years, a century of French design on four wheels. Highlights must include the Tractiona Avant, The Goddess better known as the DS - a spaceship hovering just above our roads - the impeccable suspension surely proof of this. Then there’s the rugged as a post-nuclear roach 2CV and an absolute slew of motorsport contenders most notably their World Rally Cars. Sadly, they've been relegated to the French B team, regarded as funky Peugeot alternatives, while both marques struggle behind a mighty Renault, itself bolstered by its alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi. Proof yet again, that collaboration is the only way to fend off an existential threat in 2019. What a great pity, when the recently released Cactus was such a brilliant ownership prospect. Mon dieu! Keep fighting, Citroen!

Likes: Keep on doing you Citroen, you crazy, brilliant, elegant car maker, you.

Dislikes: Another one has bitten the dust. Still, we’d hunt down a second hand Cactus and enjoy it while it lasts.

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