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“The Ingolstadt firm may have been the last of the three Teutons to join the fight, but it isn’t shy to bloody the noses of Mercedes-Benz and BMW.”

The stalwart Germans, it is hard to remember a time when Audi didn’t possess a strong line-up of luxury cars to rival similar offerings from Bavaria and Stuttgart. But this is 2018 and not only can they trade blows in high-end machinery, but they can match their performance chops too with their RS badged combatants.

Furthermore, it is hard to separate the four rings on the boot from the Quattro badge that so often accompanies it. Add to these important embellishments the fact that Audi has a strong entrant in every segment from its A1 supermini, to the gargantuan A7 seven-seater SUV with saloons and hatchbacks of every class in between. Then consider how in a game of numbers and specs, Audi RS derivatives seldom comes up short against M and AMG emblazoned challengers. At a glance the likes of the RS3, RS4 and RS6 spring to the fore, but then what what about the TT and R8? Both are accomplished performance cars. Yet the brand continues to look forward to an electrified future. They call their line of EV and hybridised cars e-tron. And if your next Audi doesn’t have that particular badge on it, best believe it will share technology with it.

Likes: Some of the best cabins in the game, some of the best performance and exteriors too.

Dislikes: AWD grip not quite as lairy as some traditionalists would prefer.

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