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New 2020 Toyota Corolla Review Toyota Corolla Review: 2020 2.0 XR CVT Sedan – Wandering at Long Last Lust


 19 May, 2020

Forgive the coat of dust on Calvin Fisher’s brand-new Toyota Corolla test car – it wears this proudly as evidence of a lockdown-enforced hibernation – much fresher, though, is the ink on his permit that allows him to finally work at last. And that means a 400km round trip from Cape Town to Gansbaai on some of the best driving roads. Anywhere.

2019 Toyota Prius Review Five Things You Need to Know About The 2019 Toyota Prius


 30 Jul, 2019

First offered in Japan in 1997, and the world in 2000, the Toyota Prius was the first mass produced hybrid vehicle and can rightfully claim to be the revolutionary vehicle which kicked-off a collective shift in what the future of environmentally conscious motoring could offer. Kelly Lodewyks gives her thoughts after driving the new 2019 model.

New Toyota Supra Driven South Africa Carshop First Drive: Toyota Supra GR


 23 Jul, 2019

Put the kettle on, pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle in – Calvin Fisher has a lot to say about the new Toyota Supra. For good reason, the Supra is many things to many people, but as the owner of a ‘83 Mk2 for him, it no doubt means a little more. Dormant for 17 years immortalized in cinema and video games, this is it, this is the new Supra.

Toyota Supra South Africa Toyota Supra, The Most Tuned Car in The World? And We Have Prices


 15 Jul, 2019

Ahead of the new Toyota Supra launch later the week, Calvin Fisher reflects on what it was like to have an GT86 for a year, not to mention owning a 36-year-old Celica Supra. Oh, and we have pricing for this BMW co-developed coupe packing a turbo-charged straight six 3.0 litre with 250kW and 500Nm on tap – good for a 4 or so second sprint to 100kph.

Toyota Hilux GR Sport Driven Toyota Hilux Legend 50 & GR Sport Review


 5 Jul, 2019

Calvin Fisher attended the launch of the new Toyota Hilux GR Sport and Legend 50 – the former, a tribute to the Dakar winning machine helmed by the likes of Nasser Al-Attiyah and Giniel de Villiers with revised suspension and livery, and the latter a once every five-year iteration we’ve come to know featuring unique interior and exterior updates.

New Toyota Corolla Hatch Driven Carshop First Drive: Toyota Corolla Hatch - Corolla Rehatched


 7 Mar, 2019

The Corolla is 53 years old in South Africa, and this its 12th generation. It is lower and sportier than all it replaces - the halo Toyota hatch above the Yaris and Aygo – and naturally it will be pitted against rivals such as the Ford Focus, VW Golf, Mazda 3, and more. Calvin Fisher reports from the launch event held recently in Cape Town.

End for Toyota 86 Is This The End of The Road For The Toyota 86?


 29 Jan, 2019

Now that a 4-cylinder Supra exists in Land of the Rising Sun with an even smaller footprint on the road, it does seem to make the 86 redundant save for its more accessible price point. Is this the end of the road for the Toyota 86? And with it of course, its twin - the Subaru BRZ. Calvin Fisher wades into the conversation.

Toyota C-HR Luxury Spec New Toyota C-HR 2018 Luxury Grade


 4 Jan, 2019

Toyota’s sharpest moon buggy receives an exciting new model. You know its shape by now, a futuristic sliver that looks as if it was sprung from a science fiction novella, powered by Toyota’s 1.2 litre in-line four-cylinder with 85kW and 185Nm on tap. In new Luxury grade, extra features have been added for this now range topping model.

New Toyota Aygo New Toyota Aygo - Here we Ay-go again


 24 Dec, 2018

As far as mantles go, that of city car must arguably be a bit worn out by now. That venerable tyke, the Toyota Aygo however gets to wear one and quite convincingly might I add thanks to three memorable years at the hands of South African owners. Meet the 2019 Aygo model, now ever-sharper both inside and out, keeping it resolutely young and urban.

New Toyota Yaris Review New Toyota Yaris Review – What Came Next


 20 Nov, 2018

When the Toyota Yaris arrived on our shores in 2005, Facebook was just a year old. YouTube was a newborn and Twitter not yet a glint in its creators’ eyes. This is 2018, though, so what has changed? Well, a lot. Calvin Fisher has spent some time with the new Toyota Yaris and in more ways than not, has almost discovered a whole new, manlier car.

New Toyota GT86 Lands in South Africa New Toyota GT86 Lands in Mzansi


 5 Sep, 2018

Toyota have finally added the GT prefix to its even further-refined 86, their rear-wheel driven sports car for the masses, streamlining the range right down to a single high-spec derivative. It thankfully retains that brilliant flat-four 2.0 litre motor, the D-4S boxer partnered with a manual 6-speed transmission making it the purist's choice.

New Vehicle Sales Naamsa July 2018 New Vehicle Sales up in July, Dominated by Toyota and Volkswagen


 2 Aug, 2018

New vehicle sales started the second half of the year on a positive note, with total sales of 47 881 new cars, trucks, bakkies and busses in July. According to Naamsa, sales increased by 2.6% overall, with the best improvement in the passenger vehicle market of 4.3%. Leo Kok digs into the data for July 2018.

New Toyota Supra Update: New Toyota Supra


 16 Feb, 2018

It's only been a week but so much has happened regarding the new Toyota Supra and the new BMW Z4. With allegedly production spec renderings making their way around the internet with the former, and test mules spotted in the wild for the latter, things are hotting up ahead of their respective releases.

RGMotorsport Toyota Land Cruiser 79 RGMotorsport Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Receives 272kW and 913Nm Conversion


 14 Feb, 2018

For the RGMotorsport Toyota Land Cruiser 79, it gets the full Stage Three kit which compromises a 76mm Techniflow exhaust system, bigger turbocharger, a substantially enlarged intercooler to keep intake air at nice cool temperature and an upgraded clutch rated for 1 000Nm, code for; lots of abuse.

BMW Z vs Toyota Supra Germany vs Japan - Upcoming rivals, BMW Z vs Toyota Supra | Carshop News


 9 Feb, 2018

BMW Z vs Toyota Supra - It’s been 16 years since we’ve last seen a fresh Supra and with a pooling of resources in the pipeline between Toyota and BMW's new Z4, in the interest of cutting costs, it’s pretty obvious who wins here. We, the consumer, do. Join us as we look more closely at the combatants and their legacies.

Toyota Mirai Sets Record Toyota Mirai Sets Record Driving Range


 7 Jul, 2015

While it certainly won't win any design awards, the Toyota Mirai, the worlds first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, has become the only zero-emissions electric vehicle to exceed 480km range on one fill. Based on an achieved consumption of 3.5/100km the Mirai has an estimated driving range of 502 km on a single tank.

Toyota Fortuner Epic Toyota Introduces The Fortuner Epic


 26 Nov, 2014

Toyota has introduced a limited edition of its evergreen and ever popular Fortuner SUV, called Fortuner Epic. Changes over regular Fortuner models are essentially cosmetic including a redesigned front-end with new headlights and black-out detail, a chromed nudge bar and dark gery 17-inch alloy wheels.

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Car Toyota Marks Start of a New Age With Mirai Fuel Cell Car


 24 Nov, 2014

For those not fluent in Japanese, ‘Mirai’ means future in Japanese – and according the leviathan auto-maker, it signals the start of a new age of vehicles. As the name suggest, the Mirai uses hydrogen, an important future energy source, to generate electric power, but with that comes its own set of unique challenges.

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