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Suzuki S-Presso Quick Review Suzuki S-Presso Quick Review


 26 May, 2020

Suzuki recently launched its S-Presso – a hatchback-cum-compact-SUV in the mould of the Renault KWID – and even before getting behind the wheel Kelly Lodewyks had formulated a positive opinion on it, simply because that’s how impressed she was with it at the start. Now that she’s had the chance to drive it, has her opinion changed at all?

Suzuki S-Presso Launch Drive Carshop First drive: Suzuki S-Presso – Orange You glad?


 23 Mar, 2020

I imagine that launching a new car right now must be hard, what with the pandemic and all. Four days of S-Presso launch with the nation's motoring media was soon replaced with a video premiere you could watch from the comfort of your own home. As for me, I was already in an S-Presso when the news broke, so I may as well drive it, right?

New Suzuki S-Presso Three Important Things to Know About The New Suzuki S-Presso


 19 Mar, 2020

Suzuki has just launched the S-Presso compact SUV-cum-Hatchback locally and without even getting behind the wheel, Kelly Lodewyks is suitably impressed. A more detailed launch report by Calvin Fisher will come later, but here are Kelly’s three reasons why this is an important car for our local market. Spoiler: it’s now the cheapest car in SA!

Suzuki Swift Sport 3 Key Things to Know About The Suzuki Swift Sport


 4 Feb, 2020

Purists may mourn the loss of another naturally aspirated performance car, even if it was the unit found in the diminutive Swift Sport – it was revvy, enjoyed a good thrashing and was bags of fun. So, what’s changed with the new one? Well, nothing really. Kelly Lodewyks shares 5 reasons why her love for the JDM supermini grows and grows.

Suzuki Ciaz Review Five Things to Know About the Suzuki Ciaz


 16 Dec, 2019

The Suzuki Ciaz competes in a tough market segment – fighting for space amongst firm favourites such as the VW Polo Sedan and Toyota Corolla Quest – a segment we like to call ‘The Uber Segment’. Thrills, as you might guess, are few and far between which is kind of the point. Kelly Lodewyks lists her top 5 things to know about the Suzuki Ciaz.

Suzuki Vitara Turbo 5 Things to Know Before Buying Five Things to Know About The Suzuki Vitara Turbo


 26 Nov, 2019

The big new thing about the new Suzuki Vitara Turbo is, well, the turbocharged engine – the little 1.4-litre turbo pushes out an impressive 103kW and 237Nm! But there is a lot more besides the new boosted engine which makes this compact SUV from Suzuki an appealing purchase. Kelly Lodewyks gets to grips with it, listing her top 5 things to know.

New Suzuki Vitara Turbo Driven Carshop First Drive: New Suzuki Vitara Turbo


 13 Aug, 2019

The Suzuki Vitara finally receives turbo power, no small thing for an SUV first conceived in 1988! With a plethora of features and a powertrain with real verve, the Vitara goes from strong performer to no brainer. A pity, then, that it will in all likelihood get lost in the biggest, most hotly contested segment out there.

2019 Suzuki Swift Sport Driven Carshop First Drive: 2019 Suzuki Swift Sport


 31 Jul, 2019

The 3rd generation Suzuki Swift Sport has arrived with a bang, crackle and pop from it’s new turbocharged 1.4-litre engine. It’s lighter, lower and more powerful than ever and boasts a power to weight ratio greater than a Fiesta ST and Cooper S, with a sweet chassis worthy of exploitation. So, Calvin Fisher did just that at its recent launch.

Five Reasons We Love The New Suzuki Ertiga Five Reasons We Love The New Suzuki Ertiga


 13 Jun, 2019

When we talk about cheap, family orientated motoring we usually think ‘boring’, ‘poorly made’, and ‘short on nice-to-have features’ and in many cases you’d be exactly right. The new Suzuki Ertiga on the other hand is very much not boring, poorly made or short of nice-to-have features. Kelly Lodewyks drove it recently and came away quite surprised.

New Suzuki Jimny Review Wanderlust Episode Two - Loving The Suzuki Jimny


 18 Apr, 2019

Every so often a new car is released which manages to cause quite a stir. More often than not they wear illustrious badges on their noses, cost more than a house, and are way beyond the reach of most mere mortals. The new Suzuki Jimny is the opposite of that, but yet is sold out everywhere! Why? Calvin Fisher tires to answer that question and more…

New Suzuki Ertiga Driven Carshop First Drive: New Suzuki Ertiga - What a lot, it’s got


 13 Mar, 2019

Budget seven-seater motoring can be a dull affair. However, Suzuki aim to turn this around with the introduction of their all-new Ertiga. A new look, a revised interior – now with black interior trim – with more space for all occupants and powered by the Jimny’s naturally aspirated 1.5 litre. Calvin Fisher reports from the local launch.

New 2018 Suzuki Swift Review 2018 Suzuki Swift Review – Swiftly Does It


 13 Sep, 2018

No one needs to convince Calvin Fisher of the benefits of an affordable city-centric hatchback – you’d be preaching to the converted – especially one originating from the Suzuki stable. Has the plucky Asian grown too big for its boots, or does it retain some of that original charm which won the heart of so many when it first arrived on our shores?

Suzuki Dzire Review Suzuki Dzire Review: 1.2GL - Small. But Perfectly Formed


 23 Aug, 2018

Whilst they do proliferate rental car and ride hailing fleets and certainly don’t set pulses racing, B-Segment sedans offer more practical space than their hatchback siblings. With the new Suzuki Dzire you have a competent, stylish sedan with enough power for the city life it was intended for, and it’s a frugal thing to boot.

Suzuki Jimny Suzuki Jimny Gets New Audio System


 26 Aug, 2015

A perennial favourite amongst 4x4 enthusiasts and adventure seeking singletons alike, the Suzuki Jimny, which is as rooted in the past as the Land Rover Defender, has been given a modern update in the form of new audio system. That's it. The upgraded system features RDS for the AM/FM radio, as well as MP3 compatibility for the CD player.

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