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New BMW X5 Review BMW X5 Review: M50d – The Biggest Five


 27 Sep, 2019

BMW basically invented this niche two decades ago with the original X5, the sporty active vehicle (SAV) – a segment where Land Rover always played in the mud and Jaguar, with the prior firm’s help, are only now starting to wade more deeply. This, though, is BMW’s hottest X – a formula we’ve seen before but in a new format that needs to be unpacked.

BMW M8 Competition Coupe and Convertible Details G'day M8. BMW M8 That is.


 26 Sep, 2019

The BMW M8 is finally a thing. And what a mighty fine thing indeed. We’ve unpacked the sportiest flagship of BMW flagships – the M8 Competition Coupe, the only M8 model coming to South Africa. Such as power – that’ll be 460kW and 750Nm. 0-100kph? 3.2 seconds. Looking for convertible version? There’ll be one of those too. All Wheel Drive? Check.

New 2019 Z4 Driven Carshop First Drive: BMW Z4 - sDrive20i Sportline


 4 Apr, 2019

Calvin Fisher attended the launch of the much-anticipated new BMW Z4 and as luck would have it he found himself in the base BMW Z4 sDrive20i. Not a problem, though. Instead of scaring himself for the 300km launch drive, he got to enjoy a car with 145kW and 320Nm - enough for a thrilling blast, but not enough to cause mayhem.

New BMW 8 Series Driven Carshop First Drive: BMW M850i xDrive - Piloting the Wunderwagen


 28 Mar, 2019

Calvin Fisher was in Cape Town to sample BMWs new flagship – the 8-Series. Co-developed alongside the M8 GTE race car that raced recently at the 24 Hours of Daytona, and more impressively at the 24 Hours of Lemans, this new 8-Series is more ‘race track infused’ than you might think. Great! But more importantly is it still a Grand Tourer, though?

New BMW 3 Series 330i 320d Driven Carshop First Drive: New BMW 3 Series - Time For The Sublime


 14 Mar, 2019

The new BMW 3 Series – codenamed the G20 – first seen at last years Paris Motor Show and hotly anticipated ever since. Calvin Fisher was recently given keys to a pair of new them, the 330i and 320d, and let loose on his favourite Cape roads. Sensibility and 320d quickly dismissed. He came for one thing – the 330i. Driving pleasure ensues.

BMW X2 Review BMW X2 Review - xDrive20d M Sport X Steptronic


 27 Jul, 2018

The new BMW X2 is to the X1 what the X6 is to the X5, and the X4 is to the X3 - a less practical (and more coupe-like) version that favours style over substance. And, while BMW scramble to plug every niche imaginable, and then some, we’re only worried about two things… Is it any good, and who might it aimed at? Calvin Fisher digs in to find out.

New BMW i8 Roadster South Africa Carshop First Drives: Updated BMW Hybrids and EVs Driven in the Cape


 20 Jun, 2018

Calvin Fisher has been in Cape Town driving the BMW’s updated hybrids and EVs. This includes the i8 Coupe, the i3 REX (Range Extender) and i3 BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). But, he’s just driven the only BMW i8 Roadster (275kW, 4.6 seconds 0-100kph sprint) in South Africa, so if you don’t mind we’re JUST going to focus on that.

BMW iX3 Beijing Motorshow BMW iX3 Unveiled in China


 25 Apr, 2018

What the hell is a BMW iX3? Essentially an all-electric X3 SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), packing 200kW and a 400km range, marrying regular X3 styling with BMW’s more futuristic i Range (i3 and i8). Of course delivering an almost near silent driving experience - putting the 'sh' in sheer driving pleasure.

BMW M2 Competition Package Oh Yes, You're Going to Want The BMW M2 Competition Package Very Much!


 18 Apr, 2018

What's grey, is available in September and has fire in its belly? The new BMW M2 Competition Package of course. Featuring the familiar TwinPower turbo charged 3.0 litre 6-cylinder engine from the M3/M4, churning out 302kW and 550Nm, with a 0-100kph time of 4.2 seconds. Too much? We say “Shut up and take our money!”

BMW Rosslyn Plant South Africa’s Last BMW 3 Series


 23 Feb, 2018

While it's true that the BMW Rosslyn Plant churned out over a million 3 Series in 35 years and that production has finally come to an end, it's not all doom and gloom, the good news is that Rosslyn is in fact gearing up to begin producing the company's mid-size X3 SUV.

BMW Z vs Toyota Supra Germany vs Japan - Upcoming rivals, BMW Z vs Toyota Supra | Carshop News


 9 Feb, 2018

BMW Z vs Toyota Supra - It’s been 16 years since we’ve last seen a fresh Supra and with a pooling of resources in the pipeline between Toyota and BMW's new Z4, in the interest of cutting costs, it’s pretty obvious who wins here. We, the consumer, do. Join us as we look more closely at the combatants and their legacies.

New BMW X2 Driven Carshop First Drives: New BMW X2 Driven in Portugal


 5 Feb, 2018

Carshop was in Lisbon, Portugal for the launch of the new BMW X2 - a shorter, squatter, and slipperier X1, but no less luxurious SUV. Read our first driving impression here.

BMW 2 Series Review BMW 2 Series Convertible Review - 220i Luxury


 8 Jun, 2015

The 2 Series Convertible joins the 2 Series Coupe model, and yup, as you guessed it, has the ability to ‘drop its top’ via a snazzy folding fabric roof as opposed to a folding hard-top which has become popular in the industry. Is the 2 Series ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’? We find out.

Driver Crashes New BMW M4 Watch as Driver Crashes New BMW M4


 5 Jan, 2015

Watch as driver crashes new BMW M4 leaving a Cars & Coffee event in California, US. All seems fine until they put their foot down in the 317kW coupe. What happens is the classic ‘I-don’t-have-enough-talent-to-control-this-car’ scenario, as the driver is rendered useless as the M4 fishtails and ploughs into the centre median.

BMW M4 Convertible Unveiled BMW M4 Convertible Unleashed


 27 Nov, 2014

BMW has unveiled the new M4 Convertible. For those seeking wind in the hair performance the M4 Convertible combines hair dresser vibes and hard-core power slides as this drop-top version of BMWs iconic M performance car replicates the performance figures of its tin-top siblings.

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