Six Reasons Not to Leave South Africa (if you want to drive the best roads in the world)


 5 Dec, 2018

Best Driving Routes in South Africa

Quick. Don't leave. You're not obligated to visit every town in South Africa - but here's why you should.

You're a petrolhead, right? Maybe you don't identify with that term, it isn't in my opinion a very good one at all, but if you like driving your car on engaging roads and in exotic locations then consider the following six things.

1) You're already here and so is your car, there's nothing stopping you from making memories this weekend!

2) Purists will travel internationally to drive along lush coastlines, through majestic mountain ranges, dive and bomb along treacherous mountain passes lined by canyons or forests. We have all of that in South Africa.

3) We have Route 62. Sure it's not the provocative arterial that cuts across the United States but ours is sinewy and beautiful, and lined with iconic eateries such as Ronnie's Sex Shop and Diesel and Creme. And the longer you stay on it, the more interesting it gets.

4) Treat your stomach. Similar to the above, but on pretty much every great road that joins a handful of towns and villages. Pick a town 200km (or more) from your front door, then research some under the-radar-eateries on its path to visit. There's the Garden Route obviously, but hit the N7 and R27 in the Cape and an example and you'll encounter a multitude of farm stalls brimming with roosterkoek, biltongs and cheeses and delicacies like you wouldn't believe.

5) Let's talk about the the lost art of the breakfast run. No, actual breakfast is merely optional here, this is more about the deliberate act of plotting a challenging and entertaining road course incorporating your favourite type of tarmac, but with a group of like-minded enthusiasts with the same affliction as you. Whether it's the amble around Hartbeespoort Dam, or the Five Passes around Oudtshoorn, or the many coastal roads less than 100km from Kaapstad as an example, driving with your mates is a luxury you won’t be able to pull off quite as easily on foreign soil.

6) Race tracks. Ours are pretty excellent. So before you book an expensive trip to the Nurburgring or Laguna Seca, consider the local options such as Killarney and Kyalami, both world class venues that will give you the opportunity to safely engage your wildest racing fever dreams.

So there you go, and I know what you're thinking. Petrol isn't cheap. And you'd be right, but believe it or not we're on par with if not cheaper than what our friends in Europe are contend with. At least here the food is cheap.

More about the writer

Calvin has driven many international circuits such as Laguna Seca (in a BMW M2), Portimao in Portugal (in an Audi R8 V10) and more, but can still be found smiling at the wheel of his 36 year old Toyota Supra, driving his local mountain roads such as Red Hill in Simon's Town or Rooi Els in Gordon's Bay.

"Last year I went to Camdeboo and back in my Supra, last month it was Stellenbosch to Darling in my Chevy. Those are just two of my favourite drives of all time. I'll never stop exploring this amazing country." His favourite road in all the land? "Garcia Pass, the winding road between Riversdal and Ladismith. Just go do it."

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