Carshop Car Opinions

Covid-19 Lockdown Possibly an Existential Threat to Automakers in SA


   Leo Kok

  30 Mar, 2020

The automotive industry is bracing itself for a tough time, as manufacturing plants and retail sales across South Africa grind to a halt, says Leo Kok. And what about consumers? How will something like Covid-19 alter buying patterns? By possibly preventing people from spending altogether or making them buy smaller, more affordable vehicles?

First Generation Audi TT Four Cars I Thought Were Cool And One I Wish I Understood Better

 Kelly Lodewyks


 11 Mar, 2020

Kelly Lodewyks is not a ‘full-on’ petrolhead, but that doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate a great car or lament a bad one. As a kid she would stop to look at a cool car or, at least, a car she thought was cool in her eyes. Here's a list of those cars and why she liked them it at the time. Judge her if you must, but she’s not ashamed of her choices.
Ride Hailing Services #TechThursday – The Customer is Always Right

 Lindsey Schutters


 5 Mar, 2020

Maybe if you lift your eyes from your phone the next time you’re using a ride-hailing service, you can better appreciate the beautiful crescendo of technological harmony that brought this complete stranger to your door. Ride hailing is making our roads safer, but also making us worse people and Lindsey Schutters is totally fine with that.