Thursday Roundup #51 - Your News Wrap Up


 20 Dec, 2018

McLaren 720 S Spider

Wrapping up the week with all the relevant news stories and snippets, all in one place. Enoy!


  • A Johannesburg speeder has been clocked doing 210kph in a Ford Escort. Escort? What year is this?
  • Land Rover teases new Defender. Look, here’s a photo.
  • Toyota have released an official audio clip of the new Supra’s engine. We don’t know why either, but here it is:

McLaren 720S Spider

If you guessed that this was the 720S with its roof lobbed off, well you'd be right. If somewhat cynical. I mean, why wouldn't you want to experience the air through your hair at 325kph which, and we know you were wondering, is that the top speed with the roof down? Correct!

Pop it back up and you'll unleash a new maximum velocity of 341kph - same as the coupe on which it is based. Because there is 740Nm here, and 530kW - and that means a 2.9 second blitz to 100kph, or 7.9 seconds from zero to 200kph. It will cross the quarter mile a ball-hair over 10 seconds and besides the aforementioned of an engine you can thank a lightweight carbon fibre tub for this pace.

Yours for the exact same price as the coupe. Decisions, decisions.

BMW 330i M Sport

This is not the turbo-charged inline-six N55-powered 340i you were waiting for, rather the boosted 2.0 litre. That’s an inline four-cylinder engine but don’t roll your eyes just yet as it can still manage a 5.8 second sprint to 100kph thanks to having 190kW and 400Nm on tap.

Quite simply, this is the fieriest iteration you can buy if you need to own a quick new 3 Series within the next few months – personally, I’d wait if a sporty BMW is on your radar. And if the M Sport pack isn’t to your liking, then there’s also the tamer Advantage, Sport and Luxury Lines to consider.

Audi SQ2

You already know what the Q2 is, so let’s discuss that S prefix shall we? Zero to hundred in 4.8 seconds. From its turbo-charged 2-litre it churns out 221kW and will max out at 250kph.

Naturally it comes with driving modes which you’ll no doubt leave pegged in Sport, where the suspension, already 20mm lower, will no doubt be firm enough to break your coccyx. And while this might sound excessive for a compact sports SUV, it is in fact perfectly on par with its natural rival, the BMW X2.

New Porsche 718 Cayman T and Boxster T revealed

The formula here is the same seen in the 911 Carrera. Add a T to the badge, but no extra performance to the engine. T stands for Touring which oddly means mildly stripped out – but we’re not calling it basic, just lighter – giving that 220kW and 380Nm of the flat four less curb weight to carry from zero to hundred kilometres per hour.

The answer being 4.7 seconds by the way, with the PDK transmission. Why not?

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