Classic Lines and Uber-Luxury for S-Class

  Colin Windell


 2 Jun, 2022

The classic lines of the carefully proportioned new Mercedes-Benz S-Class consciously understate the luxury to be found within, elevating this latest version of the brand flagship to a new plane.

The new S-Class focuses on unique comfort and safety technologies to deliver an unprecedented driving experience. Innovation and versatility are at the centre of the new model.

“The S-Class is the centrepiece of our brand and shows what the pinnacle of luxury means for Mercedes-Benz: The symbiosis of timeless elegance, a spectacular design and class-leading automotive innovations allow our clientele to experience the true meaning of luxury,” says Mark Raine, Co-CEO and Executive Director of Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

There are two models on offer – the S 350d and S 500 4MATIC. They both bear the same exterior revises that include smoothing out the flanks by reducing the ‘character’ lines, replaced by contoured surfaces that reflect light to create different effects.

“The launch of every new S-Class represents an important milestone for Mercedes- Benz. Time and time again, the S-Class offers state-of-the-art innovations in all aspects, from comfort and elegance to safety and innovation, not only for our products but for the industry as a whole,” says Selvin Govender, Vice President for Marketing and Sales at Mercedes-Benz Cars.

“One common theme is systematic digitalisation, both during the development process and in the vehicle itself. Intelligent networking of different systems gives our customers tangible added value. This coupled with impeccable craftsmanship and superior value perception make the S-Class the pinnacle of luxury"

Prevalent on the new S-Class models is the latest MBUX operating system running on a 12,8-inch OLED central display, plus a 12,3-inch digital driver display. KEYLESS-GO retractable handles and Burmester high-end 4D surround sound system are also part of the package.

The Burmester sound system boasts 31 speakers, of which two are Frontbass versions, and has eight exciters - with two integrated into the backrest of each seat. Direct reproduction of the sound resonance in the seats adds another level to the three-dimensional listening experience – 4D sound.

The overhead control panel and learning algorithms rely on internal cameras to assist in recognising and anticipating the wishes and intentions of its occupants. 

Communication with the car is contactless. It can read hand gestures and head direction, responding with the corresponding vehicle functions.

The S-Class is the centrepiece of the Mercedes brand and the pinnacle of its luxurious designs. It offers state-of-the-art innovations, from comfort and elegance to safety and innovative technology.

The models at a glance:

S 350d
S 500 4MATIC
Technical Data
OM 656
M 256
S 350D
S 500 4M
2.925 cc
2.999 cc
210 kW
320 kW + 16kw
600 Nm
520 Nm + 250nm
6-cylinder in-line
6-cylinder in-line
48 V on-board electrical system
R 2,330,000 
R 2,492,000 

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The classic lines of the carefully proportioned new Mercedes-Benz S-Class consciously understate the luxury to be found within, elevating this latest version of the brand flagship to a new plane.
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