Simultaneous Launch for New-Look Citroën C4 in Electric and ICE Formats

  Colin Windell


 8 Jul, 2022

Citroën unveils a new C4 in fully electric and PureTech 130 Euro 6.1, EAT8 Automatic.

Citroën pulled the double with the launch of the new C4 in both fully electric and PureTech 130 Euro 6.1, EAT8 Automatic for the Middle East and African markets.

“We are excited about the opportunity presented by the New ë-C4 X and C4 X models as they will contribute significantly to our brand presence and sales expansion objectives for International markets, as well as Europe,” says Vincent Cobée, Citroën CEO.

Latest comfort and tech features

The distinctive cross-design, packed to the brim with the latest comfort and technology features, caters to the demands of Citreon customers for affordable and responsible hatchbacks and SUVs, with the benefit of zero-emission and all-electric power. 

With its 100 kW powertrain, up to 310 km WLTP range and 510-litre boot, the New ë-C4 X will be the only all-electric car to offer this combination of design, comfort and saloon car spaciousness in the mid-sized market.

While the new ë-C4 X and C4 X are members of the latest-generation Citroën family, they offer something new, fresh and unique for customers looking at stylish alternatives to the mass of existing hatchback and SUV body styles already available.

“The ë-C4 X and C4 X stand out from the crowd – they keep an unmistakably Citroën roundness and form language at the front – much more dynamic and exciting,” says Citroën Design Director Pierre Leclercq.

At a length of 4 600 mm, the new ë-C4 X and C4 X slot neatly into the Citroën line-up between the C4 hatchback at 4 310 mm long and the C5 X at 4 800 mm. Its wheelbase at 2 670 mm is the same as the C4 hatch as both share the Citroen CMP Platform.

The My Citroën Drive Plus infotainment interface – recently introduced on the flagship Citroën C5 X – is included as standard and can be fully personalised by customers using a system of ‘widgets’.

The new interface offers natural voice recognition and a multilingual digital assistant activated by the voice command ‘Hello Citroën. It provides visual feedback and responds to more commands for vehicle systems such as climate control, audio media, phone and connected speech services.

Vehicles come equipped with up to four USB sockets for easy phone or tablet recharging – two in the lower centre console and two in the rear of the centre console for easy access by rear-seat passengers. In each case, one USB type A and one USB type C socket.

Inside the New Citroën ë-C4 X and C4 X, drivers and their passengers will enjoy an unmatched feeling of serenity, comfort and space thanks to Citroën’s acclaimed Advanced Comfort experience.

Ample boot volume

Rear seat passengers will have 198 mm of second-row knee room and a more reclined (27-degree) rear seatback, while its 1 800 mm exterior width means three people can comfortably sit side-by-side across the back bench, with a total of 1 366 mm width at the shoulders and 1 440 mm at the elbows.

Rear passenger comfort and boot volume are crucial for a vehicle that intends to offer something unique in the currently empty zone of the compact car market between traditional 4-door sedans and the more premium coupé shapes.

"This car certainly meets all those expectations and is something we believe customers will find interesting and different because it is elegant, distinctive and injected with Citroën’s robust SUV DNA. Then, it surprises you with how comfortable it is riding in the back, thanks to outstanding knee-room, headroom and excellent forward and side visibility. All of which are key attributes of our acclaimed Advanced Comfort Programme,” says Laurence Hansen, Citroen Product and Strategy Director. 

Both versions of the new cars feature a Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension system in which two progressive hydraulic bump stops work in conjunction with the shock absorber and spring on each corner of the vehicle instead of mechanical stops. One is for compression and the other for decompression or rebound. 

Adequate space at the back

With major impacts, the spring and shock absorber work together with the hydraulic compression or decompression stops to gradually slow the movement and iron out jolts at the end of the range. Unlike a mechanical stop which absorbs energy and then returns part of it as a shock, the hydraulic stops absorb and dissipates this energy.

As yet, there is no indication if either, or both, variants will come to South Africa.

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