Monday News Snippets #52 - Developments from the weekend and beyond


 31 Dec, 2018

McLaren P1 GTR Senna

We've trawled the internet for the latest motoring news so that you don't need to. Enjoy!

Lotus have apparently built a 1000hp electric hypercar

Lotus Electric Car Concept Rendering courtesy Autocar

"Lots of technology, usually suspicious?" Well, let's give the once great marque the benefit of the doubt, especially since it now has Chinese backing in the shape of Geely. I mean, it certainly worked for a Volvo – or perhaps more importantly, their Polestar performance offshoot..

The plan is nothing less than taking on McLaren when it reveals its concept car in 2019, earmarked for sale at two million pounds! We can only assume, Colin.

“Lotus’s development team is exploring numerous engineering projects, across multiple vehicle sectors, using several propulsion systems. As part of the development process, these projects undergo continual and stringent valuation and only the best will reach production.”

Mahindra takes on the EcoSport with its new XUV300

The XUV300 is a ‘Goldilocks’ Mahindra, by that we mean it isn’t too hot, or too cold. It isn’t too styled, or not styled enough either, rather a well measured design inside and out and it might come to our shores as soon as March 2019. Expect a sticker price just below R300,000 for the monocoque-platformed compact SUV, and will feature a 1.2 litre turbodiesel and 1.5 litre N/A petrol engine.

The McLaren P1 GTR Senna is everything you didn’t know you wanted

McLaren Special Operations have spawned a very unique P1 GTR to commemorate the 30th year anniversary of Ayrton Senna's maiden F1 championship. As such it is covered in iconic Marlboro livery MP4/4, and we’re excited.

"With a near-limitless range of bespoke additions available from McLaren Special Operations our clients are only restricted by their imagination and we can, of course, help with this too. It is, however, also great to have the opportunity to pay tribute to our brand's wonderful history, especially with this year marking the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna's first Formula 1 World Championship title with McLaren. This project has been a labour of love for MSO; with extensive engine and aerodynamic enhancements in addition to the distinctive cosmetic treatment this car has received, this is certainly a landmark achievement." - Ansar Ali, Managing Director, McLaren Special Operations

We just want someone in South Africa to ship one over, please.

Suzuki are teasing us with a Jimny bakkie

And we’re loving it. Just have a look. Under the new utility shape remains the robust body-on-frame platform serving a tiny four-wheel drivetrain that will literally haul its tiny load anywhere you decide to take it.

But now with a load bay. And that’s great.

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