Monday News Snippets #30 - Developments from the weekend and beyond


 23 Jul, 2018

Ken Block's Ford Escort RS Cosworth Before

Watch the video

A sickly Sergio Marchionne steps down as boss of Fiat Chrysler. Lewis Hamilton wins the German GP in Hockenheim. The new Ford Fiesta ST will not be coming to SA. Watch the new Audi Q3 ahead of its official launch and wave goodbye to a bonafide rally legend as Ken Blocks Ford Escort RS Cosworth goes up in smoke at the New England Forest Rally.

One Liners:

  • A sickly Sergio Marchionne steps down as boss of Fiat Chrysler
  • New Mercedes-Benz A Class sedan will be the most aerodynamic production car in existence
  • Hyundai developing a new halo performance car under the N moniker
  • Lewis Hamilton’s win in Hockenheim was a virtual miracle, and with it he’s back in the championship lead

We are sad to announce, the Fiesta ST will not be landing in SA

Get an eyeful because you won't see it on South Africa roads *sad emoji*

Yep, the car believed to have what it takes to rule the B Segment sports hatch segment will regrettably forfeit. The culprit according to Ford South Africa? Our poor fuel quality, despite it not hindering the arrival of virtually every other sports car from other rivals – but most notably the the Volkwagen Polo GTI and Clio Renault Sport a la F1 1.8.

We’re not angry Ford, just disappointed. You were the chosen one with your 147kW and 290Nm 3-pot 1.5 litre engine. Sigh.

See the new Audi Q3

Next Audi Q3 spied testing in camo. Image: Car Magazine UK

It’s the littlest Audi SUV, now new and you can watch it now before its official reveal on 25 July.

We are also sad to announce...

...the death of a bonafide Ford Escort RS Cosworth Rally Car, this one being the prized possession of Mr Ken Block. Anyway, over to the man himself who had this to say from the curbside fire.

“We were running in 3rd overall in the New England Forest Rally (with a gear box problem), pressing on to finish Stage 4 when I turned into a tighter left corner and downshifted. The box didn’t shift when I wanted it to (because mechanical issue), and when it finally did, it threw me into the inside of a corner and into a big rock. That rock sent us rolling over twice. We landed on our wheels, and I was ready to get going again because we were shiny side up,” Block said, recalling what transpired before crashing. But as you can see, a fire started REALLY quickly. “Alex and I got out safely, but the car thoroughly burned right there on the stage,” he added.

Lump in throat, really.

Watch it below.

Update: [25/07/18]

Ken Block shared a gallery of photos on Instagram of the aftermath of what was left behind (or what wasn't) of his prized RS Cosworth. Take a deep breath, it ain't pretty. On a positive note, though, he has vowed to rebuild it...

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