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Monday News Snippets 2020 #09 – Developments From The Weekend and Beyond


 26 Feb, 2020

Peugeot One Ton Bakkie

This just in! And this! This too! It’s the news and we’ve trawled the world wide web wires to bring it to your browser.


  • Aston Martin pulls the Valkyrie out of 2020-2021 Lemans season. Road car still on track for production.
  • The Toyota Supra is set to get a sizable power hike to 285kW and 500Nm, good!
  • The all-wheel driven BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is coming to SA.
  • The new Kia Sorento has a bold new styling, and is also coming to SA.
  • BMW delivers details on their new M340d xDrive saloon. It’s our new favourite diesel sedan thanks to 700Nm.
  • Sad news as Holden, Australian automaker, has left the building. General Motors no longer produces right hand drive cars.

The Pagani Imola is the hottest thing you’ll see today

And I don’t necessarily mean pretty, but it is as brutal as it looks.

When a Pagani model typically reaches the end of the line, their mad scientists go to town on it, raising its performance levels to the absolute nth. In the case of this Huayra, that means 620kW and 1100Nm. Which is a lot, even for a V12 engine.

Add to that the multitude of aero addenda and you’d be hard pressed to find a more menacing projectile. Yours at a bargain for just R107million! Horacio Pagani himself says about the car, “We can’t say that it’s an elegant car. We wanted an efficient vehicle, and just as you’d expect if you were looking at an F1 single seater, this led us to design a car with additional aerodynamic features. So, although on the one hand these details may detract from the lines and overall aesthetics of the vehicle, on the other, they also allow to improve lap time, ease of driving and especially safety.”

Yes. it is a safe car, beat that Volvo! “Speaking of safety, we could have reduced the ground clearance so as to increase the downforce effect by taking advantage of the vehicle’s flat bottom.”

It will do 0-100kph in 3 seconds flat, comes with uprated brakes and bespoke Pirelli rubber. It’s very, very special. Only five will be made.

Peugeot are giving us a one-ton bakkie at last!   

It’s called the Landtrek but look, we’re still a bit hungover after the Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

The Peugeot, rather than sharing its chassis with the Nissan Navara like Merc did, shares its platform with a Chinese product, the Changan Kaicheng F70 – not sold outside its country of origin.

It will come in 4x2 and 4x4 configurations, will feature a 2.4l turbo petrol engine good for 157kW and 320Nm or 1.9l turbo diesel with 112kW and 350Nm. It arrives in Mzansi in 2021.

The Mercedes-Benz GLA45 and GLA45S are looking ripe!

Let’s get nerdy with some stats.

The new rugged uber hatch gets the marque’s infamous 2.0-litre turbo with 285kW (310kW in the S) and 480Nm (500Nm in the S). This means it will sprint from 0 to 100kph in just 4.3 seconds whereas the S will pull off the feat in 4.1 seconds. Which is bloody blistering.

It comes mated to an 8-speed dual clutch auto which divvies up its might between all four wheels via the 4Matic AWD.

You can expect Merc’s latest MBUX infotainment to keep the rest of the occupants somewhat as enthralled as the driver. Probably not.

Meet the Maserati Supersportiva supercar, it’s a looker!

Image: courtesy of CAR Magazine UK

Its proper name is the MC20 and was recently rendered for CAR UK by artist Andrei Avarvarii. What do you think?

We reckon the stylist was greatly influenced by the Ferrari 488 and Alfa 8C but hey, no bad thing, right?

Power is set to be derived from a blown V6 with north of 460kW, perhaps the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio’s 2.9-litre V6? Let’s wait and see.

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Monday News Snippets 2020 #09 – Developments From The Weekend and Beyond
This just in! And this! This too! It’s the news and we’ve trawled the world wide web wires to bring it to your browser.
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