Monday News Snippets 2020 #06 – Developments From The Weekend and Beyond


New Toyota Corolla Quest

Yes, it's Monday (urgh), but fret not as we've waded through the wires, deep-dived the deluge that is the information superhighway to bring to your internet browser page, thing, the news! So, enjoy.


New Corolla Quest is launched and here's what it will cost

You know the drill. We call it the Vivo-fication of vehicles, the process of taking last year's model, giving it a raft of updates, removing some of the fat via aggressive cost-cutting practices and selling it for cheap alongside its new replacement.

Yes, Ford practices the same with their Figo range, and for VW it goes back to the Citi-fication of their Mk1 Golf range. But more relevantly it has been seen before in Toyota South Africa's own stable when the Conquest (a quest with a different name) was stickered up as the Tazz. Which brings us neatly to this, the second coming of the Quest and like the one it replaces, it represents amazing value – a C segment sedan for B segment pricing and then there's that value-retaining Toyota badge on its bum and prow.


1.8 Quest manual    
1.8 Quest CVT  
1.8 Quest Prestige manual
1.8 Quest Prestige CVT 
1.8 Quest Exclusive manual
1.8 Quest Exclusive CVT   

The new Audi A6 is here and we have prices

More elegant, more versatile, more A6. The new car has true flagship potential benefitting from the marque’s wealth of technology and innovations. Looks like it goes well too.

The Audi A6 40 TDI and S6 TFSI are already available for sale around Mzansi whilst the A6 45 TDI should drop mid-year. And then there's the one you really want – the Audi RS6 Avant due in the second half of 2020.


A6 40 TDI S tronic
A6 45 TDI quattro tiptronic
S6 TFSI quattro tiptronic

The next HUMMER from GM goes fully electric

There's probably a General Electric joke in here somewhere, but I must admit that whilst descending into my lounge this morning, I couldn't help but notice the hum of electronics, a mild din as a result of living in 2020, televisions, video games consoles, DVD players and a collection of wifi routers and nonsense.

So perhaps HUMMER is a good name after all for a fully electric SUV regardless of whether or not it at some point was born from a military vehicle and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The new whip will have a massive battery capable of generating 745kW and will be able to go from zero to 100kph in 3.2 seconds. Which is nuts!

The 2020 Kia Picanto gets a substantial safety upgrade

Also we have pricing, but first, those aforementioned ‘safety gubbins’ require unpacking.

Yes, it now comes with a passenger-side airbag and ABS on its entry-level Start model, available from R167,995. This comes with a one-litre engine good for 49kW and 96Nm. If you want the nippier 62kW 1.2l these start at R198,995 for the Style model. Each derivative can be had with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic.


1.0 Start manual
1.0 Start automatic
1.0 Street manual
R179, 995.00
1.0 Street automatic
1.0 Street manual    
1.0 Street automatic
1.0 Style manual                        R189,995.00
1.0 Style automatic
1.2 Style manual
1.2 Style automatic
1.2 Smart manual
1.2 Smart automatic

Nissan Japan have unveiled their latest Nissan Leaf RC electric racer

And it is a thing of beauty. Just look. Also, it does zero to hundred in 3.4 seconds, weighs 1220kg and churns out an almost modest 240kW (via two 120kW electric motors) and 620Nm.

You’re still looking at it aren’t you? That’s ok.

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2021 Quest 1.8 Exclusive CVT

R 432,500

2021 Quest 1.8 CVT

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2021 Quest 1.8 Prestige CVT

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2019 Quest 1.6 Auto

R 189,990

2020 Quest 1.8 Prestige CVT

R 279,000

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