Monday News Snippets 2019 #5 - Developments from the weekend and beyond


 28 Jan, 2019

New Ford Bantam Render

We've trawled the internet for the latest motoring news so that you don't need to. Enjoy!


  • Volkswagen are ending production of the ‘New Beetle’ with a final edition called the Final Edition
  • The Tata Nano, also known as the world’s cheapest car is set to cease production after 10 years
  • Suzuki’s Grand Vitara is coming to the end of the road. But the badge will live on presumably further down the line
  • Volvo teases the new Polestar 2 yet again

Is Ford making a new Bantam?

We’ve heard these rumours before, and it seems they’re stirring up again. What makes it more interesting now perhaps is the level of collaboration going on in the industry, most notably that between the Blue Oval and Volkswagen, the latter themselves also often dropping clues to a possible half tonner.

This is just a quick Carshop render for now, but who knows what is in store – and whether or not a pair of little bakkies shared between the brands gets spawned. It is meant to be based somewhat on the Focus, but styling is sure to echo a bit of Kuga in the way the EcoSport apes the Figo and Fiesta to a lesser extent. You’ll notice the four doors then, a hint Ford has offered more than once which means, off-road capability aside – the new Bantam becomes a sort of mini-Ranger.

As for the Bantam name, we wouldn’t be surprised if Ford resurrects the ‘Courier’ nameplate. What do you reckon?

BMW and Mercedes to join on small cars

And in more ridiculous collaboration news, it has been proffered that the two rival German automakers are teaming up on future C and possible B segment cars. “This is nuts!”, said every Mercedes-Benz and BMW enthusiast on the planet that hasn’t already adapted to the fact that it is 2019 and everyone is making everyone else’s car. Just ask the Toyota fans.

As Ace Ventura would no doubt say, “A-Class is 1 Series. 1 Series is A-Class!?”

Porsche Cayman GT4 Rallye Concept

This is just what it seems, the most feral iteration of the 718 coupe – here subjected to the full Weissach motorsport treatment so that it may comply with FIA R-GT regulations so that the Zuffenhausen firm can go rallying!

Its 3.8 litre flat-six produces 313kW and is going to be obviously quite quick – we just can’t wait to see a rally-bred Porsche once again, now in R-GT class. It’s been decades since the manufacturer won the Dakar, Monte Carlo Rally and others.

That cute 2017 Honda EV Concept nears production...

As evidenced by this production sketch. There lives many clues in here, such as those tiny side view mirrors – probably housing Audi eTron-like cameras. The car, based on spy photography of it testing has also sprouted two more doors making it a more conventional, if premium, 5-door city hatchback. Good.

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