Monday News Snippets 2019 #25 - Developments From The Weekend and Beyond


 17 Jun, 2019

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

We've trawled the internet for the latest motoring news so that you don't need to. Enjoy!


  • Formula-E is coming Cape Town! Probably, definitely according to Dan Plato.
  • Toyota and Subaru have agreed to jointly develop BEV-dedicated platform and SUV
  • New VW SA Touareg gets mean ‘Black Style’ styling edition
  • Michelin have officially unveiled their puncture-proof airless tyres
  • The numbers are in. The new AMG45 hatch will make 310kW
  • In case you missed it, the VW ID.R is the quickest electric car around the Nurburgring ever with a time of 6.05.336!
  • The Fiat Chrysler/Renault merger falls apart. Whoopsie
  • Hyundai South Africa confirms the i30N is coming to Mzansi

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is here and it trumps the LaFerrari!

What with 736kW, you’d think Ferrari was having a laugh with what is their first PHEV (plug-in hybrid). See, the oily bits are a twin-turbo V8 engine assisted by Formula 1 derived electric motors.

And so, it is essentially all-wheel drive, the brand’s first 2-seater with this distinction. Its beauty is not just skin deep, but what a skin! And there’s a lot of science that has gone into those curves, slits and folds to make it both cut through the air and stick to the tarmac. The net result is nothing less than the fastest Fezza ever with 0-100kph happening in just 2.5 seconds and top speed occurring at 340kph. Fast.

At last, BMW gives us an M8 Competition

It’s only taken BMW 40 years to produce an M version of the 8 Series but you know what - let’s skip to the important bits, that is 460kW and 750Nm. Also, noteworthy, the 3.3 seconds it will take the M8 to pounce to 100kph from standstill.

This is frankly breath-taking performance from a car we’ve already fallen in love with in ‘mere’ 850i trim. You can read about that here ( Like that car, the BMW M8 Competition Coupe (regular M8 has 441kW) has xDrive all-wheel-drive to reign in all that grunt and shunt via an 8-speed M Steptronic Transmission.

And you can have one with or without a roof. So that’s nice.

Oh, and this just in…

Meet the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe. And yes – being a Gran Coupe means four doors on the coupe that has already established as being the 2-door variant of the 7 Series.

So, a really slippery 7 then. That is all, as you were.

All hail the next coming of the McLaren F1

It’s called the T.50 (nice naming job there, Gordon Murray) and is 25 years in the making.

Make no mistake, it’s a 3-seater hypercar with a naturally aspirated V12 heart, will retail for $2.5million and is constructed entirely from carbon-fibre. It will be smaller than a Porsche 911, make circa 485kW (not ridiculous then) and rev to 12 100rpm which is higher than any other road car ever produced. We expect big things.

Meet the mental Ultima RS

This is it, the ultimate Ultima. And to be sure, the Ultima GTR was already bonkers, but here in RS spec is the most aerodynamic Ultima ever crafted.

Conversely, it’s also the easiest to live with as some living upgrades have been employed. But the answer you’re really looking for is 2.3 seconds if you take the LT5 model (the LT4 does it in 2.5sec, the LT1 in 3sec) – with 597kW from its supercharged V8 engine. It weighs just 930kg.

Power to weight is... enviable.

Woman turns Tesla 3 into bakkie. Internet swoons

DIY Youtuber Simone Giertz clearly got impatient whist waiting for the Rivian R1T pickup, not to mention for Elon Musk to commission one.

So, she took her own Model 3 and with the help of a crack team turned into a ute. It’s more Australian than South African, we agree – but it’s a mighty step in the right direction.

As we like to say in Mzansi, “bakkie all the things!”

Just watch:

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