Meet the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

  Calvin Fisher


 10 Jan, 2020

We assumed that little collection of letters was short for 'Aviator' but it in fact refers to Avatar, as in the James Cameron movies with the blue forest giants. Ah…

No, we don't see the connection either unless you count the glowing blue accents around the car.

We also struggle to see the need for a connection to a turn of the century sci-fi romp but assume this means the sequel is on its way.

But this isn’t a film blog, it's a motoring portal so discuss the car instead we shall. Like Sony's Vision-S concept car, this high-tech Benz too was unveiled at the 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The name stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation, emphasis on the latter word as the car features doors that swing upwards like the wings of an insect. Then there are 33 bionic flaps on its back, resembling reptilian scales.

You'll encounter no conventional steering wheel here, rather a multifunctional controller in the centre console for human-machine to relations. Place a palm on it and the cabin will come to life with the vehicle recognizing it's driver by his or her heartbeat and breathing signatures. Well, that's quite intimate. Why not call it the Transformer then? That's a movie too.


Look, we have a lot of time for a dynamic luxury sedan with a combined engine power of more than 350kW, especially when it looks this good, what with that slippery skin and those transparent doors. And did we mention it can make like a crab and drive 'sideways' by approx. 30 degrees thanks to front and rear axles that can turn simultaneously or in opposite ways. We just wonder what drifting it will be like?

Beyond that, at Carshop we love the concept of its 'Vehicle to Grid' functionality, with the AVTR essentially being able to revert power to the grid and or your home via its efficient batteries, controlled by its artificial intelligence.

Ok, we get the sci-fi of it all now, but more in the realms of Terminator and The Matrix. What I mean is we're fairly certain that this is how the machines take over.

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Meet the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR
We assumed that little collection of letters was short for 'Aviator' but it in fact refers to Avatar, as in the James Cameron movies with the blue forest giants. Ah…

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